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I write picture books, chapter books, novels, non-fiction, reviews, articles and educational material.

I’ve also written for magazines, newspapers and educational companies such as “Quill and Quire”, “The Globe and Mail”, “Publishers Weekly”, Nelson, Pearson, Scholastic, DK, “The Toronto Star” and the Girl Guides. I’ve written on literacy, literature, social studies, math and science.

My background as a teacher of children and adults, my university studies in history and political science and my extensive travels enrich all my work.

So does my curiosity.

You can learn a lot about the world if you watch the way kids interact in the playground. Adults often deal with the same issues as kids: friendship, jealousy, control, power, fear, anger, isolation etc. The difference is how we express our feelings about our experiences at different points in our lives.

Recognizing that historical figures were people just like us—only they lived in different times with different issues brings history alive for me. I try to convey that in my work.

So check out my books.

Invite me to speak at your school, library or at your conference ( I love discussing books, literature and life. Discover the story behind each of my books. Each one rose from an observation, an experience—or both. Each book has been a joy to write.

I hope they are a joy to read.